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Thread: [SOLVED] HELP - Advance Web client is not working after 5.0.10 patch

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    Default [SOLVED] HELP - Advance Web client is not working after 5.0.10 patch


    We are using Zimbra NE 5.0.10 with no issues. until today we applyed the 5.0.10 patch and the advance webclent is not working anymore. Worst than that is that we didnt made a backup from the replaces files (yes we know we will kick ourself later).

    Is there a way we can download the 5.0.10 original files that where replaced with the patch?

    We are really in a big mess.

    the setps we made:

    159 zmcontrol stop
    160 mv patch/zimbraAdmin/Admin_all.js.zgz /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbraAdmin/js/Admin_all.js.zgz
    161 mv patch/zimbra/ZmMailMsgView.js /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/js/zimbraMail/mail/view/ZmMailMsgView.js
    162 mv patch/zimbra/js/* /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/js/*
    163 cp patch/zimbra/js/* /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/js/*
    169 zmcontrol start

    the admin console is working fine. the ajax one just stops on the zimbra banner after login.

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    did you chown zimbra:zimbra all the files?

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    Yes i did that but has root that why it didnt show in the history.

    I just got it working again. Extracted the files from the zimbra-core RPM and replaced all the js folder. re-aplyed the pacth and its working.

    We messed something up on JS folder with the copy dont know exactly what but the structure didnt seam the same after the patch.

    Its ok now i think. Thank you for your help.


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