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    Default reading logs

    I have to search the logs for a few emails both that were sent and that came in.
    I have a hard time sorting thru all the info to find what I need.
    If I could get a little direction that would be great. What log do I look in when I want to see an email that was sent from zimbra and rec by the other server/ What do I look for in that log.
    What log do I look in when I want to see an incoming email and what should I look for there?
    I know it sounds simple but I got a headache looking at all the info and just wanted to be sure I was reading them right.

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    /var/log/zimbra.log - syslog (ssh, postfix, zmcontrol status, ldap log)
    /opt/zimbra/log/zmmailboxd.out - Java log (java includes mailboxd, pop, imap, jetty)
    /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log - mailbox related operations

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