I am working on a plan to upgrade a FC4 (zcs 4.5.11) server (to the latest version of ZCS). Obviously I need to upgrade the FC4 - so here are a few questions.

- Is there a plan to create a 4.5.11 version to run on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS? I would like to take advantage of Ubuntu's LTS.

- Can the Ubuntu 6.06 LTS version of 4.5.11 be installed on a Ubuntu 8.04 LTS? I am assuming NO - but had to ask...

- Fedora - the latest version of Fedora on the download list is Fedora 7 for 4.5.11. Are there plans for making an install for newer versions of Fedora? Fedora 9? Fedora 10 when it comes out in a day or two?