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Thread: VMware Virtual Server Appliance or normal install ?

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    Default VMware Virtual Server Appliance or normal install ?


    we are probably going to use/install Zimbra under VMware ESXi 3.5
    The OS will be Ubuntu if we need the NE version or Debian if the
    foss/oss version is ok for us.

    As I understand the "VMware Virtual Server Appliance" does include
    the OS itself and Zimbra.

    Should we "install" a VMware Virtual Server Appliance" or rather install
    the OS and Zimbra from scratch?

    Thank's a lto for any feedback!


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    If you're going Ubuntu under VMware, you might want to use JeOS instead of the "standard" 8.04 LTS.

    I'd rather do my own setup "by hand" (create the disk, install OS, update OS and install additionnal packages, install VMware Tools, then install ZCS).

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