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Thread: Zimbra and Plesk?

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    Default Zimbra and Plesk?


    I am using Plesk with many different domain names for my users.

    Is it possible to use Zimbra with Plesk?
    Can Zimbra handle more then one domain?
    Can I have each domain admin to configure/create their own Zimbra email accounts for their domain?
    Can I configure it so each domain only sees their own Global Address, resources list, etc only?


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    I am also using Zimbra and Plesk on one machine and it runs fine so far as long as you don't setup Zimbra on the default ports. (Since they are used by plesk).
    As far as I know you are not able to control Zimbra in any way from within Plesk, though, but yes - Zimbra is able to work with multiple domains, but you cannot specify a domain admin unless you use the Network Edition and not the Open Source version.

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