Could sombody explain to me relations between Zimbra logical hostname and physical server hostname. I was experimenting with multi-server setup in different zones. Zimbra OS 5.0.11GA (Ubuntu Server 8.04).

I have read this wiki: Logical hostname - Zimbra :: Wiki
from which understood, that physical hostname of the server is not bind to zimbra installation. But it turns out, that things are different. Before (host/zimbra hostnames different) everything was OK, except:

1. I could not connect to server properties in Admin GUI (exactly mailbox server on which admin gui is running. Others were OK) and it was not related to SSH configuration. Config was ok, the problem was in not getting to server and receiving whether timeout or auth error on port 22, but SSH keys was ok too.

2. working in web client there was a problem of accessing any shares - received timeout in 30 seconds, saying, that server is slow.

When I changed my server physical hostname to be the same as zimbra logical hostname - things changed. I can access mailbox server through admin gui and access all shares, but can not see any other servers in gui. Zimbra logical hostname was not changed.

Multi server - MTA, IMAP/POP Proxy in public zone with correct IP, A, MX reccords mappilng to zimbra logical hostname.
Mailbox server and LDAP in private zone with NAT and Port redirection for Zone 1 server access.
Split DNS

Note: The setup is actualy more complicated, bet this could be the first question - physical hostname relations to zimbra logical hostname.