Dear Zimbra Community,

I am a law student that will be working at a small law firm this summer (3 attorneys, 4 staff including me) and I shall also be doubling as the IT guy.

I worked their prior to law school and one of the projects I was working on was an MS Exchange replacement. The firm is very small, is just beginning, and therefore has very little financial flexibility.

I want to try Zimbra. Short of buying a new linux box this summer and working on it then, I thought I might try to run it on my Dell laptop I have dual booting Linux and Windows. (I have to have a Windows laptop to take exams.)

The problem -- I do not have a static IP.

Q: Can I test Zimbra well without the dynamic IP?

I am not necessarily a network neophyte, but I am not exactly the most knowledgeable. For instance: I am still trying to get my cheap Netgear router to work as the DHCP server with a local DNS server set up on one of my linux boxes so I can have, not static local IPs, but static local names.

So, is this something I should begin working on? I think if I can configure something to run in a test demonstration for the head lawyer at this firm, I can convince him to get a Linux server to run it and a static IP for the server.

P.S. I am really excited about Zimbra and want to try and get this system.