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    Default Blackberry Email Access

    My VP of Sales just got a Blackberry Storm, and he wants to get e-mail on it. I can't get it to connect to our Zimbra OSS server. I have clear-text passwords enabled for IMAP and POP, but that's apparently not enough. I also have TLS Only authentication turned on (it was on by default).

    This has got to be simple, but it's escaping me right now. How do things need to be setup on the Zimbra server to allow a client to connect via POP3/IMAP, without specifying any authentication or whatever? That's exactly what I'm up against with this BB Storm.


    EDIT: Release 5.0.9_GA_2533.UBUNTU8 UBUNTU8 FOSS edition
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    You really don't want (nor do you need) clear text login enabled. What errors do you see in the log files or on the phone when the user goes to the server? What settings does the user have on the phone for connecting to the account? Does the user have the correct port set for connection to the server?


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    Thanks for replying, Phoenix. Do I NOT want Clear Text logins for this particular instance, or in general? I'll try to get his BB to connect on Monday and check the logs from the server then; obviously I haven't yet grasped the concept of checking the logs (I'm workin' on it!). As for the phone itself, it makes a connection to the internet and then all it has to work with are the e-mail address and the password. I'm presuming that's enough to establish a connection, otherwise I'd imagine that the phone would *automatically* prompt for more. As for the correct port, in my minimal digging into the phone's settings, I didn't see any option for port specification for connection to an e-mail server. I'll look again on Monday.
    ... I have a feeling I'll find answers in the logs, but I find it odd that the solution isn't slapping me in the face with obviousness by now. Maybe that requires a bit more knowledge on my part. Anyway, thanks for the advice!

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