I am very much new with ZCS. just need to know ZCS functionality.
Befor my Q, i am sorry for asking 3 quistions in one thread.

Do ZCS 'Opensource' can,

1. Authanticate and get user information from a Windows 2003 Active directory to authanticate and also received mail from external network looking at the AD directory? This make very easy for central management for all user account.

2. Is it possiable to Divided the ZCS server to 3 to support for 3 depertment mailing access but only for one domain? For an Example - Students, Facalty and management for a univercity domain name univercity.com. One ZCS server (mail.univercity.com) is a mail gateway acting as a incomming/outgoing mail server, AV protection and Spam filter. This ZCS mail gateway receive all the mails from external or local mails and send those mail to three different server according the user deperment. Followed by the Windows Active directory 'Organization unit (OU)' and the user email address. Say student1@univercity.com mail will look at the AD directory and delevery this mail to a ZCS server name student.univercity.com server. also facalty1@univercity.com mail will send to facalty.univercity.com server. all those user information will reside in a Windows AD.

3. Do ZCS also release AIX (IBM P6 server) or can be compile and run on P6?

No need to explain how to configure the server, only need to know can it be done. most importent, 3 ZCS server for 3 Deperment using Windows Active directory authentication and name/email lookup by the OU for one domain.

Thank you.