After a bit a struggle, I have Zimbra integrated into my SuSE 9.3 installation. It looks like a great product, thank you to the Zimbra team for providing this software.

I have been testing internally and everything looks fine. So, now I want to allow external access to my Zimbra server over the internet over SSL (https). This was fairly straight forward to setup. The issue I have now is that accessing the site is unbearably slow, the login process takes a good 1.5 - 2 minutes. After login is complete, everything runs smoothly. With SSL turned off, the very first time I access the site I get the very long login time but all subsequent logins are very fast.

What I think is happening is that with SSL turned on, the browser is not caching the javascript for the Zimbra client and it gets delivered to the browser everytime you access the site for the first time after staring the browser. Running in mixed mode seems to solve this but all your data is sent over the internet without encryption (except for your login/password).

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour or is there something that I'm missing in my configuration.


BTW, I have been testing with Firefox v1.0.7