Hi all

I'm in the process of implementing my first zimbra Starter Edition Server, so far the actual install onto OS X 10.5.6 appears to have gone smoothly.

One thing I am looking for now is an existing Zimbra Admin in the UK Midlands area (I'm in solihull) to educate me on best practice for using the suite to its full effect. Sure, this is all stuff i can hunt for and discover myself over time, and its things the list can help me with when I ask, but my time is valuable, and if i don't know about something, it's hard to ask about it! (it is after all 'not what we don't know, but what we don't know that we don't know' that is the problem...)

So, if theres a UK based admin in the midlands (or who doesn't mind travelling), please contact me off list to discuss your fee for a morning or afternoon of Q&A so I can benefit from your experience on multiple domains, aliases, contact and notebook sharing.

Best regards and a happy holiday to all :-)
John T