I am planning an Ubuntu/Zimbra Collaboration Suite installation and for personal reasons I do not like Ubuntu Server in the slightest. I am however committed to Ubuntu Desktop and do not especially wish to use an alternative distro.

I believe I have read some time in the past that Ubuntu Desktop and Server are essentially the same product; simply that they are packaged differently. From what I have found, Ubuntu Server does not recognise hardware devices so readily and is pretty unpleasant to find your way around unless you have considerable Linux experience.

For the purposes of testing and getting to know Zimbra, I have obtained a laptop with Ubuntu Desktop 8.04 pre-installed. It works supremely well, and I would be loath to change it to Server edition. I would not want to work without the GUI interface.

Can someone tell me therefore, if I may go ahead with Ubuntu Desktop, even if perhaps there might be some issues I need to resolve? Many thanks.