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Thread: Upgrade from 4.5.3 to 5.0

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    Default Upgrade from 4.5.3 to 5.0


    My existing Zimbra (4.5.3) setup is on Fedora Core6, i need to upgrade to Zimbra 5.0 on either Fedora 7 or higher OR Ubuntu 8.10.

    Does anyone have any upgrade documentation.

    Thanks in advance


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    Both the wiki and the forum have other threads on moving from one server or version to another, which is what you are doing here. This wiki article gives a quick overview:
    Moving ZCS to New Server - Zimbra :: Wiki

    You may also find useful information in this thread:

    But the clearest summary of the (correct) steps you need to take is here:

    Be sure to post back if you have any problems or questions.


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