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Thread: Soap error when sharing calendar

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    Default Soap error when sharing calendar

    Hi, I am receiving a soap error when trying to share calendars in Zimbra and am trying to pinpoint what is causing this error.

    We are using the Zimbra network edition trial, Zimbra desktop client and the Zimbra webmail client.

    When a calendar is shared from the desktop software to a webmail client user the account receives the email notification to approve the share. When we attempt to approve the share we get the following soap error:

    msg:invalid request:invalid long value ‘9d948e7c-4f8f-4eb8-b7ad-6722bd860747:10’ for attribute: rid code: service.INVALID_REQUEST
    method: CreateMountpointRequest

    When we share a calendar from the webmail client to a desktop client the share works correctly.

    Any information on solving this problem is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm just looking for a starting point on troubleshooting this situation.

    My trial is coming close to an end and trying to find some kind of areas I can look into to eliminate this soap message we are receiving.


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    Default same problem - issue found?


    i have the same problem and might have found the issue.

    When creating from the webclient it show the url (at the bottom of the dialog creating the sharing) with the correct server, whereas when creating from the desktop client it shows localhost.

    Warm regards,

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