I am attempting to install Zimbra 3.0.1 on a FC4 box. I have attempted to follow the instructions, but I am experiance two odd quirks I cannot seem to solve.
One; When I run the command zmcontrol status, it shows antispam, antivirus, logger, mailbox as stopped. If I run the command zmcontrol start they all claim to start, but when I rerun zmcontrol status, I get the same result.

Two: When I try to access https://mail.cmsc245.kirk:7071/zimbraAdmin/ (the URL of this box) The certificate comes up for me to accept, I do, and then the page acts likes loading and in fact, I get no error message from the browser. However, after the silver/grey background loads, nothing else comes up, even though the browser indicates it is finished. Any ideas what might be going wrong?
Thank you.