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Thread: Hostname change during new version upgrade

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    Default Hostname change during new version upgrade


    I have a Zimbra running with around 100 active users. The current version is 3.0.1. During installation of previous versions I used some hostname that does is not resolvable in extenal DNS server, which causes alert messages if connecting through SSL. I want to update the hostname of the installation, but I am afraid to do it, since it is a production installation.

    Can I do it during upgrade, when I am being asked for hostname ? Will it impact anything else ? Is there a chance that the system will stop working ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can change the name during install, it should be OK (but it may go wrong), make sure you stop all the zimbra services and have a backup of all of /opt/zimbra. When you've done the backup make sure that DNS & /etc/hosts file are correct and then try the update.


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    The update script did not ask me to update the hostname :-(

    Is there any other way to do it ? Maybe some embedded script ?

    Thanks very much for the help.

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