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Thread: Configuring Evolution Email

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    Unhappy Configuring Evolution Email

    Hi guys,
    Sorry for asking so many questions, but I seem to be stuck again. I installed and configured Zimbra - also created 3 accounts. Then I went to set up my Evolution to see if I can send and receive email and set the receive as IMAP and sending as SMTP. When I go to send an email to myself and click send/receive, it asks me to enter the password for my account. I do and then it tells me that "clear text passwords disabled" and I get no email downloaded to my inbox. The mail seems to go out fine although when I sent an email to my yahoo and gmail account, it too seemed to go out however when I checked yahoo and gmail, no mail was there. I had also set up the MTA under Global settings to point to my ISP's SMTP server.

    I used Evolution that was on the same machine as Zimbra.

    Any ideas????

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    You can either set Evolution to use SSL/TLS or enable clear text logins in the admin UI.
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