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Thread: [SOLVED] trial license network edition never asked

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    Default [SOLVED] trial license network edition never asked

    Hello all,

    I've juste get my trial license by email and downloaded Zimbra.

    I've then install de Zimbra succefully. But never while in the installation process I have been asked to give a path to a license zimbra file.

    So I've get in the admin UI and checked the global parameters to see if there is any place to give my license trial file but nothing, no license tab or else...

    Further, the installation seems to work well, I've create a user without any trouble... Can send/recieve email, etc...

    So my question is: Where do I get the license informations/status of my installation and is it normal that I've never been asked for this license file?

    The version of zcs installed is 5.0.11_GA_2695_UBUNTU8 that comme from the zcs-5.0.11_GA_2695.UBUNTU8.20081117052520.tgz file found on the Zimbra download page.


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    Welcome to the forums

    Did you download it from Zimbra :: Network Edition Downloads as I believe you have actually installed the community edition If you wish to run the community edition then you do not need a license file anyway.

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    Oh my! That is I've downloaded the wrong version...


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