I move to a new box and made the cardinal mistake of upgrading perl from CentOS 4 stock to the latest version. I followed the recommendations to remove the new version and return to the stock version using rpm nodeps method. The problem is that other packages are depending on the new perl that are broken with the return to stock. My biggest obvious issue is that httpd fails due to mod_perl error. Does anyone know how to circumvent this? If I do a yum remove perl it wants to yank close to 300 packages. That's a lot to reinstall to the downgraded version. Any hints on how i can "fix" this? I'm looking to either return all mods/dependencies back to stock easily or circumvent the mod_perl issue after roll back to perl 5.8.5 from perl 5.8.8.

Maybe I could pull down 5.8.5 directly from Perl site and do the perl -MCPAN -e 'autobundle' and ./install the old and then perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Snapshot_yyy_mm_dd_xx' to fix all perl related mods? It would be just like the update method but use it to downgrade. Can I fix it that way?

Thanks for any help.