I'm evaluating Zimbra to replace hosted Exchange and so far it has not gone well.

We would like to use Zimbra for auth to all of out machines but we have no Windows. I've gone though the wiki post (UNIX and Windows Accounts in Zimbra LDAP and Zimbra Admin UI - Zimbra :: Wiki
and tried to just skip over the Samba stuff... this failed

So trying again, I've gone back and started over; this time installing the Samba plugin and trying to get through the document (which i find rather difficult to follow, but haven't found any other source for this documentation.) and im once again stuck.

all this to ask; is it possible to use Zimbra as an LDAP directory and for authorization to Linux machines without having to include all the samba stuff? Is there a slimmed down document on how to do this?

forgive me for quasi venting; i am becoming very frustrated with this....