Hi there,

Yes I know, this question has been asked zillion times already but after 3 days researching, testing and more of the same I have to ask you for help on this please.

My situation:

I am running zcs 5.0.11 on opensuse 10.3 and followed the guide as per the sticky in this section of your forum. My system is behind a NAT-ed router and my IP is dynamic with the compliments of my ISP

I have read just about every article re split DNS and used various tool to verify my DNS setup is correct. Thus far I can see no flaw in that. I am able to receive emails from external domains, but I simply cannot send any email to external domains. Any email sent gets qeued with connection time outs on the external hostname.

I have purchased and activated recursive DNS from dynDNS.org and used their services to have a 'static' mx pointer to my location.

Please help

the domain koloristik.nl
FQN zimbraserver mailserv.koloristik.nl