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Thread: choose incoming or outgoing

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    Default choose incoming or outgoing

    if i set dns lookups on my mail server i can get outgoing mail but not incoming.
    if i disable dns i get incoming but not outgoing.

    my dns server is on firewall.
    my hosts file contains an entry from my server.
    anyone know the workaround/resolution for this.

    also my server is the same name as my mx record

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    Are you running any NATting? ie does your server have a public IP or private?

    Also, would you mind posting the following so we can take a look?

    >cat /etc/hosts

    >nslookup localhost

    >nslookup [fqdn of the server]

    >cat /var/log/zimbra.log

    and your machine's IP address

    The key is your zimbra log. It will give us a better idea as to what's happening.


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