Hi Guys,

a user has just brought something to my attention I hadn't noticed before!

The email address that appears on Calendar appointment requests from Zimbra Users is not the same as the mail identity of the Zimbra User who sent it.

I'll explain more clearly,

I initially, years ago, set up a mail domain of @domain.co.uk for our company email when we first started using Zimbra.
But having changed our company name last year we have now switched to using a different mail identity of domainservices.co.uk to reflect the name change.
However our User names to log into Zimbra are still in the old format of domain.co.uk as it's simpler to just use a mail identity than change everything to the new domain format.

This works fine for mail but we have just noticed that the email name shown for the 'Organiser' on the Calendar meeting request email received by the recipient is still in the old format.

If this makes sense, is there a simple config step to make it show the mail identity that I have missed or is this just the way it has to stay?

CentOS 5, Zimbra 5.0.9