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Thread: Problems with admin account login

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    Default Problems with admin account login

    The title kind of states my problem.

    The admin account (the one created on first installation) is having problems logging in since I finally got zimbra to upgrade from 5.0.2. I first noticed it yesterday and the login into the admin panel was failing. So I thought I had just forgot my password, so I logged into the server and ran `zmprov sp . Still wouldn't let me in. I restarted zimbra with, and I was able to get in just fine using the password I had just changed it to. Now today, same problem, I can't get into the admin console.

    logged by btpool-0 I get
    FF3.0 (Linux);] security - cmd=AdminAuth; account=admin; error=authentication failed for admin

    Of course before that is the username and my IP.

    I just look at the account with zmprov, and it isn't locked. Any ideas? My guess is I could restart zimbra services and get into the admin console, but I prefer not to do this so I can troubleshoot the problem a bit.

    Also note - I can't log into the frontend e-mail for this account either.

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    Did you work out your problems?

    We've had a very similar occurrence today. Where quite a few accounts including the admin account were locked out. Looking at the audit logs show that there were many many failed login attempts from the btpool lines. It seems to be internal though (coming from internal IPs and UA), and not someone guessing passwords at the login screen.

    I thought it could be poeple changing a login password and forgetting to change their password in the zimbranotifier app that we use. But no, no one changed passwords. I then thought it could be some weird FFox behavious but this repetitive failed logins occurred to people using zwc on firefox and IE8. strange.....

    --> 5 previous attempts
    2010-08-24 12:09:21,465 INFO  [btpool0-2404://] [;ip=;] security - cmd=Auth;; error=account lockout due to too many failed logins;
    2010-08-24 12:09:21,541 WARN  [btpool0-2404://] [;ip=;] security - cmd=Auth;; protocol=soap; error=authentication failed for accounts, invalid password;
    --> many failed atempts after this point

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    hmmmm....we're running it within openvz/proxmox and there are a few failcnt's for privvmpages, so I wonder if thats part of the issue. I'll bump up the resource limits and see what happens.

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