The title kind of states my problem.

The admin account (the one created on first installation) is having problems logging in since I finally got zimbra to upgrade from 5.0.2. I first noticed it yesterday and the login into the admin panel was failing. So I thought I had just forgot my password, so I logged into the server and ran `zmprov sp . Still wouldn't let me in. I restarted zimbra with, and I was able to get in just fine using the password I had just changed it to. Now today, same problem, I can't get into the admin console.

logged by btpool-0 I get
FF3.0 (Linux);] security - cmd=AdminAuth; account=admin; error=authentication failed for admin

Of course before that is the username and my IP.

I just look at the account with zmprov, and it isn't locked. Any ideas? My guess is I could restart zimbra services and get into the admin console, but I prefer not to do this so I can troubleshoot the problem a bit.

Also note - I can't log into the frontend e-mail for this account either.