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Thread: Program not able to start after reboot

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    Default Program not able to start after reboot

    Linode VPS
    Debian 4.0
    Zimbra CE 5.0.11

    For starters, please bear with me, I'm noob at the whole Linux/Zimbra experience. However, I thought I managed to successfully installed Zimbra CE onto my virtual server. I was even able to add a few domains, accounts, and send/receive emails/IM's. All was right with the world. Then I decided to reboot the server to give it a clean boot before I totally unleashed it on the www. After the server rebooted, to my surprise I couldn't access the web based login anymore. When I checked on the Zimbra services this is what I found.

    zimbra@mail:~$ zmcontrol status
    Unable to determine enabled services from ldap.
    Enabled services read from cache. Service list may be inaccurate.
    antispam Stopped
    zmmtaconfigctl is not running
    zmamavisdctl is not running
    antivirus Stopped
    zmmtaconfigctl is not running
    zmamavisdctl is not running
    zmclamdctl is not running
    ldap Stopped
    logger Stopped
    logmysql.server is not running
    zmlogswatchctl is not running
    mailbox Stopped
    zmmtaconfigctl is not running.
    mysql.server is not running.
    zmmailboxdctl is not running.
    mta Stopped
    zmmtaconfigctl is not running
    postfix is not running
    zmsaslauthdctl is not running
    snmp Stopped
    zmswatch is not running.
    spell Stopped
    zmapachectl is not running
    stats Stopped
    Then when I tried to restart the services I received the following error message;

    zimbra@mail:~$ zmcontrol start
    Starting ldap...Done.
    Failed to start slapd. Attempting debug start to determine error.
    bdb_db_close: txn_checkpoint failed: Invalid argument (22)
    backend_startup_one: bi_db_open failed! (38)
    bdb_db_close: alock_close failed
    I'm not having much luck finding any information on this message, so any help would greatly appreciated.
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