I've had a working Zimbra Open Source config for a year. A couple days ago my ssl certs expired (self signed, generated at install) and ever since then I have had no mail going in or out. I set up new ssl certs in the admin console and they show up in thunderbird and in the web interface. I can still log in and see all my old mail.

Mail sent to my server from an external account times out, sending mail with my own SMTP server times out, and trying to send mail with telnet gets no response after MAIL FROM:me@mydomain.com (HELO mail.mydomain.com does respond). Nothing shows up in the queue in the admin console.

I use IMAPS for my mailbox and AUTH SMTP.

My MX records have worked for the last year and nothing about them has changed. I'm behind a NAT and have my port forwarding set up as well as split DNS. The only thing that's changed to my knowledge is the ssl certs expiring.

Anyone have any ideas?