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Thread: [SOLVED] proper hostname configuration questions

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    Question [SOLVED] proper hostname configuration questions

    Here is the scenario:
    • I have a domain name ( registered
    •'s DNS is hosted out on the internet somewhere on a server which provides DNS, SMTP, POP/IMAP and HTTP services
    • I've created a subdomain,, which points to a dynamic IP address. DNS records are updated with IP address changes
    • I'd like to install Zimbra on a server at the dynamic IP address and have it aggregate e-mails from (I'd install Zimbra on the internet server that serves DNS, etc. but I'd run out of storage space quickly)

    Here are my main questions:
    • Can Zimbra send e-mail from even though it will be configured at host: If yes, how can I accomplish this?
    • Should the Zimbra domain be or

    Where I'm at:
    • I have Zimbra installed and it runs
    • I can send/receive e-mails within the
    • I cannot send e-mails to anywhere on the internet (I've configured the relay MTA but the logs show the relay refusing my connection. I know it is not authentication related. I'd like to check what postfix is actually saying to the relay MTA but I don't know where to look for that information!)
    • I was able to set up an "external account" which successfully grabbed e-mail from the server off the internet. However, I can't configure the "from" address to read: (it will only let me select

    I want to continue to have mail delivered to the server on the internet because I cannot count on my internet connection always being there. Also, I don't care to ever receive e-mail at I only care to receive e-mail at
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