Hi all, I'm trying out Zimbra as a possible new mail+colloboration solution, in an existing Windows 2003 AD+IMAP server (i.e. no exchange server).

I've managed to get Authentication to the AD working; testing authentication by creating a couple of user accounts (same name as in the AD) without any password, does allow login, so I know authentication works.

The GAL caused some problems, however I managed to work through it by searching through the forums etc. However, regardless of whatever search term I put in for the last page, I never seem to get any search results (even though this is considered "successful" and allows me to finish the configuration). Is this to be expected?

e.g. I've tried:

Which you would think works, as the default Administrator login for Windows, as well as:
CN="*somename*" (which is a valid username in the AD)

If I do a ldapsearch -h mydc -x -b "dc=mydomain,dc=com" -D "validuser@mydomain.com" -W cn="*somename*"
I do get search results back for this "somename" valid user, so I know again that the DC is working and accessible from this server.

Not to confuse myself too much, my questions are:

1) During the GAL configuration, is it expected that the search returns no results? Or should I expect that it would return similar results to what I get if using ldapsearch?

2) If I login as one of the mapped users to Zimbra, would I expect to see a bunch of addresses in the GAL (coz' currently it's blank)? Or is this additional work to migrate them over from the AD?

3) When writing a new email, the address field doesn't seem to autocomplete (GAL is set to autocomplete in the admin console); again, would I expect that this autocomplete based on the mapped user accounts/GAL, or is this a cascade of (1)+(2) above where since GAL is not working, therefore autocomplete is not working?

Thanks in advance for your help.