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    Default Zimbra postfix banner

    Ok, I've got an issue that I'm having trouble resolving. I've been testing zimbra for sometime, without issues, works fine on my test server. I installed it on my future production server, getting ready to migrate the users into it, and can't get the thing to banner on port 25, even from localhost. It does banner on port 10025 fine though. Pop3/Imap/Web work brilliantly, I'm not sure what's going on here. I've wiped the test config, and reinstalled it again and all works great on that install of 5.0.13 on centos5.2, while on my production box installing 5.0.13 on centos5.2 has the banner issue.

    They /etc/hosts are setup the same on both, except for the hostname/ip. They both have an A record designated and a corresponding MX record for the subdomain, and on each they install without issue.

    The only difference between the two, is the production server is utilizing 3 interfaces, while the test machine is only using 1.

    Edit note: Ok, I found some errors in the maillog related to permissions, the permissions were all the same as on my test install. I noticed the postfix user's group was innacurate in /etc/group, I removed both the postfix user and zimbra user after uninstalling zimbra, I reinstalled and it works properly.
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    What does the output of the following show:

    zmcontrol status
    What's the output of these commands run on your Zembra server:

    cat /etc/hosts
    cat /etc/resolv.conf
    dig any
    dig mx
    host `hostname`  <-- use backticks not single quotes
    post the ourtput in this thread.


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