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Thread: [SOLVED] Ubuntu 6.06 to 8.04 Upgrade - Need Clarification

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    Default [SOLVED] Ubuntu 6.06 to 8.04 Upgrade - Need Clarification

    Hello. I'm pretty confident I know the answer to this but have not found a straight answer to my question.

    I currently am running Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and would like to do the upgrade to 8.04 LTS but am apprehensive of the consequences of this upgrade. I assume that I would just do the standard upgrade to each distro until I reach 8.04 LTS, then I download and upgrade 5.0.13 for 6.06 to 5.0.13 for 8.04.

    I searched for this but all I found was telling me to install 8.04 on a different machine and copy /opt/zimbra over. Is there a way to do this on one machine just by doing upgrades? Or will the upgrade process(es) ultimately screw with the packages Zimbra depends on/screw with Zimbra itself?

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    Is it possible to do that one machine? I don't see why not, but I have to assume the other machine is recommended for recovery reasons. Between upgrading an operating system and upgrading a ZCS suite there's potential for something to go wrong. If you have your original system intact, you not only have a backup copy, but also a machine ready to go in the even things don't go well.

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    I'd concur with p24t, two machines is the best route. I'd recommend to copy off all of your Zimbra files and database to another system or backup solution, then wipe your main system clean. While you can update distros between major versions, it has never been recommended as things change can radically.
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