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Thread: Migration wiki page - request for comments

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    Default Migration wiki page - request for comments

    It is with some exhaustion and more than a little relief that I'm able to announce the completion of a new migration tutorial. This one's primarily intended for users moving from Dovecot to Zimbra but other people may find parts of it useful as well. At any rate, it's right over here for your perusal. I'm particularly encouraging suggested improvements, typo-catching, and correction of any gigantic errors that I may have made.


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    Great Job!

    I noticed you finished at 3:30am. Hope you get some sleep!

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    Hah, sleep, right. I was up that whole time babysitting the imapsync, and then my four-year-old woke me up after she was done sleeping in. That happened at about 8:05 this morning. Anyhow, glad you liked it.

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