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Thread: Postfix/mail delivery problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinH
    You can use zmprov to fix them. In general you should have used the admin UI to move the users to the new server. Not sure how you got things in this state but maybe there is an opportunity for us to try and prevent it in the future. Once you get it fixed please file a bug in bugzilla so you can try to add a warning or prevent removing/renaming a server when active users are still on it.
    But I didn't.. I setup a brand new server and added the users. Then when I went to login I had this problem.

    It wasn't clear in the docs where you needed to have and

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    Above you mentioned:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sc00ter
    It's only when I removed the domain from the domains dropdown, and added and created the user accounts to use that domain, and now everything is broken.
    This led me to believe that it wasn't just install, add users, and test. Seems you made some changes to the domain/servers and then got into trouble.
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