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Thread: new installation on Mac

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    The output above suggests the installer considered it an upgrade, though it doesn't say what from. How did you uninstall before reinstalling. (Exactly what did you do?)

    When you install (from the commandline as root) you should get a config screen where you enter the DNS name of your machine. Did you? Because the output suggests that "localhost" is being used.

    Basically I suspect you've got an old config file sitting around.

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    BTW, to uninstall, make sure you follow these directions: Uninstalling Zimbra on Mac OS X - Zimbra :: Wiki

    They should work for Leopard as well.

    Here's a short version.

    Open Terminal.
    Do sudo -s (or do sudo su -, same thing).
    At the prompt, enter an administrator password.
    Make sure that opt/zimbra/libexec/installer/ exists.
    At the root prompt

    cd /
    /opt/zimbra/libexec/installer/ -u

    Then look at the wiki entry and read the section on Remaining issues.

    Once you've properly uninstalled Zimbra, you can reinstall it, starting with running the installer off the .dmg image.

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    Default thanks

    Hi Elliot.
    The uninstall did the trick. got it removed. re-installed and now everything works. The DNS Enabler is a way better tool than trying to split DNS the system for novices.
    many thanks


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