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Thread: One central, 5 departments??

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    Default One central, 5 departments??


    I got to install a Zimbra plattform, with the goal, that at 5 locations mailboxes for each department exists (one per location)

    In the central office, there is the global administration.

    Here my questions:

    reffered to the installation guide, i would take the "Large" configuration (one ldap, 5 mta, 5 mailboxes)
    1. Is it right that, if department A ist sending a huge mail to department A, the central office and the other 4 location are not effected?

    2. the configuration of the central system is allocated in the central office?

    3. Is it possible to define unique Spam filters for each department?

    4. if each department is a subdomain, can i define 5 admins for accounts for each department?

    Thanking you in anticipation

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    No idea, anyone ?

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    I think you'd need to put a LDAP replica per location too.

    1. yes : the mail stays "local"

    2. configuration can be made only by the admin. Whoever is admin can change it, it's not relation to a location.

    3. each mailstore/mta will build its own spamassassin database. But the spam levels are allocated globally (through the admin webUI)

    4. if you're using NE, you can define a domain admin for each subdomain and let these domain admins handles "their" local accounts.

    You might want to check this discussion too :

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