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Thread: [SOLVED] Installation Ubuntu 8.04 no DMZ

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    Default [SOLVED] Installation Ubuntu 8.04 no DMZ

    Hi there,

    I want to install and evaluate the free edition of zimbra and ordered a root ubuntu 8.04 server from a german hoster.

    I've read about the DMZ / Split-DNS stuff in all tutorials, but I am not sure if I have such setup there. I belive my internal IP is also my external IP and my root server is connected to the outside word exactly with the same ip. (*edit*: I am using the Wiki installation guide)

    The interface I found was this (except for the XXX):

    iface eth0 inet static
      address   78.46.XXX.162
      broadcast 78.46.XXX.191
      gateway   78.46.XXX.161
    I can ping my server with this ip from the outsite and locally. So the ip was static already. I also installed the bind9 and set it up the way as described in the install guide. I moved the defined nameservers to the forwarders definition and set as nameserver my own ip.

    ; BIND data file for
    $TTL    604800
    @       IN      SOA (
                             090225         ; Serial
                             604800         ; Refresh
                              86400         ; Retry
                            2419200         ; Expire
                             604800 )       ; Negative Cache TTL
    @       IN      NS      mail
            IN      MX      10 mail
            IN      A       78.46.XXX.162
    mail    IN      A       78.46.XXX.162
    I hope that makes sence. My nslookup therefor eis still the ip I got from the hoster.

    Another problem for me is that I got the server with just an IP and a dummy hostname like:

    I think thats the default. I changed it to mail in the /etc/hostname file because I want to use zimbra on

    my hostfile looks lik this:

    ### Hetzner Online AG installimage
    # nameserver config
    # IPv4 localhost
    78.46.XXX.162  Ubuntu-804-hardy-LTS-32-minimal mail
    78.46.XXX.162 mail
    # IPv6
    ::1 ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
    fe00::0 ip6-localnet
    ff00::0 ip6-mcastprefix
    ff02::1 ip6-allnodes
    ff02::2 ip6-allrouters
    ff02::3 ip6-allhosts
    I'm a linux user I know how to use bash and tweak here and ther efiles with the tools given me, but I am not much in the internals.

    When I start the install of zimbra it stops at the point where it seems to check for the hostname with:

      ERROR: Installation can not proceeed.  Please fix your /etc/hosts file
      to contain:
      Where  is the ip address of the host,
       is the FULLY QUALIFIED host name, and
       is the (optional) hostname-only portion
    The output of hostname --fqdn is:

    I *think* thats according to the plan, but I am not sure. For domains I am using an domain register service where I can set up dns stuff for my domains, so "" is currectly pointing to that server.

    I have read in another thread that the guy has just commented out the line where the hostname check is, but I am not that experienced in linux that I know that everything is correct.

    Logfiles seem to be empty at this pioint.

    Any hint how to go further in the installation are apreciated.
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    Have you read my text at all? I am doing it with this installation guide, but I am stuck. :/

    (the spamprotection here is wired. When I edit my initial post it gets invisible again ...)

    I rephrase my question:

    What is the zimbra installer expecting at the point, when it checks the hostname? What word has to match what? I need to know so the installer will continue. Hopefully.
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    I fixt it by using another tutorial where I found these steps:

    echo > /etc/hostname

    hostname -f
    Both should show

    Which did and the installation went through.

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