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Thread: Install on 64bit Fedora

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    Default fedora 64

    Guys, sorry for the offtopic newbie question, but can I install zimbra on a athlon 64 machine runing 64 bits fedora or does it only run on 32bits OSs?

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    We only support 32bit OS at this time. Would just be a matter of a recompile. So once we get the source build going on other OS's then 64 bit should be able to build too.

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    Default the usual disclaimers apply

    we ship with the 32-bit JVM and all the bits compiled into 32 bit binaries. If the compatibility mode is working right (ie 64 bit kernel, but 32bit and 64bit libraries both installed), I would imagine zimbra would startup and work. But you're on your own though - we have not tested that setup. We run all our opterons in house with 32bit kernel in 32bit mode. Yeah, I know that sucks we're losing performance, but at this time we're comfortable with the tradeoff between {loss in performance, 4GB memory limit} vs. {need to be rock solid/tested on 32bit mode}.
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