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Thread: Backup and Restore for Zimbra Open Source

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    Default Backup and Restore for Zimbra Open Source

    I am running Zimbra on Ubuntu.
    zimbra@mail2:/var/backups/zimbra$ zmcontrol -v

    Release 5.0.12_GA_2789.UBUNTU8 UBUNTU8
    As per the document; 8Open_Source_Version%29
    I have to copy the /opt folder. But this is too big.

    Can i just simply copy the mailboxes and the account names and simply overwrite the files in th enewly created server?

    I built the test server on a workstation. I am now setting up Zimbra on our blade server for the final test.

    There are active users in the test server.

    The whole /opt folder is too big.

    Can i simply copy the mailboxes and account names into the new machine (blade server)?
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