Earlier today I migrated my system from FC3 to FC4. I also migrated from ZCS 3.1.0-328 on FC3 to 3.1.0-332 on FC4.

On reinstalling Zimbra, the install failed the first time. After reading some posts, I reinstalled a second time. This worked fine.

Initially I experienced no problems. I could user Zimbra in via web interface or thunderbird. Then about an hour later, the system crashed ...

On hard reboot, Zimbra comes back up, no problems. BUT, when I try to run a "zmcontrol status" -- it crashes the system again. I can hear the machine thrashing, and I almost immediately lose access to my remote connection. If I do a CTRL-C from the server locally, I get back the remote connection and all is okay. Very bizarre.

Is it possible that on upgrading from FC3 to FC4 I inadvertently installed applications that are conflicting with Zimbra?

Not sure where to start as far getting to the bottom of this. Any other ideas?