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    Default Zimbra Install

    I am looking at installing Zimbra on Fedora 10. I need to know what packages are required for Zimbra to run? I am not installing the GUI or anything else but Zimbra on the server.


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    Have a read through Wiki :: Platform Specific Install and see if that helps.

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    All I have to say is "Wow." Originally I was trying the install on Fedora 10. Had some issues. So decided to use Ubuntu, which I have never used my other servers are all fedora. I figured this would be a good time to start. Downloaded the server version of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. After a bit of me getting used to ubuntu, I download zimbra for ubuntu.

    I did follow a set-by-step guide on installation: How To Install Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) On Ubuntu | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

    Even if I didn't have the installation guide, when zimbra install told me this package was missing, I could easily go and install them one by one. Set-up was as simple as typing ./ The install took a bit, but once it was done, it was up and running. I was thinking, there is no way. Sure enough, I sent an email to the and it worked (keep in mind, I already had an internal DNS and external DNS set-up with MX records. Plus my router was already forwarding port 25 to the correct IP address I was going to use for the mail server)! I was just amazed.

    As of right now I would definitely say this is worth every penny. Of course I have the free one because I do have $800 to spend. I would love to be able to use outlook (like with exchange), push mobile mail, etc. But I would like to say thank you to Zimbra and the community for doing such a great job on this application. I am sold! Feature Full Linux E-mail completely simplified!

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