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Thread: Admin windows shows GA version after 3.1 NE upgrade

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    Default Admin windows shows GA version after 3.1 NE upgrade

    Hi all,

    Was running the opensource version 3.01 on Mac OS X Server 10.4.6. Upgraded just now to the 3.1 NE. The upgrade went without a hitch. When accessing the admin website, I see that the 3.01 GA version is listed. Also, when I log in and go to the help version and check the "About Zimbra version", I am also shown as running 3.01 GA version.

    Is there a sure fire for me to determine if I am still running the open source version and if this is just a graphics bug?

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    Clear your cache to make sure it's not cached. The re-check the admin screen. Or in the web UI if you enter '$set:get version' in the search bar it will also display version info.
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