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Thread: Downgrade from 5.0.13 to 5.0.8

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    Default Downgrade from 5.0.13 to 5.0.8

    I was a bit hasty on preparing our new server for migration and I did not read through the migration doc. I installed 5.0.13 and our old server is running 5.0.8
    Both are the NE version. I am also going from 32bit on the old server to 64 bit on the new server.

    What is the proper way to downgrade so that I can do a full restore then upgrade again? There is nothing on the new server so if the solution is to do an uninstall then reinstall then that is fine.


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    If there's nothing on the new server then uninstall and do a re-install. You should never attempt to downgrade any version of Zimbra, there are changes made that may break your server if you try it.


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