We have two Zimbra 5.0.15 servers installed, working perfectly. We successfully installed and enabled the logger service on one of the two servers and set up syslog to accept logs from the other server.
As I can see from the logs everything is ok, in my Zimbra logger database I can see data collected from the two servers ("logmysql zimbra_logger"), the only problem is that only one of them is shown thru zimbra admin console graphs (the first server, which runs the logger service). The other one is not shown and, by looking at the DB, the problem is that the hostname of the second server is not the FQDN but just the machine's name while the working server is shown in its FQDN.
I checked all variabiles and hostnames settings in the second zimbra server and it all seems ok. The non-FQDN hostname is only inside Linux hosts file and as a hostname alias. But same thing is for the first working server.

Any clue? Thanks in advance.