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    Default Zimbra at


    Does someone have experience with installing Zimbra at a Ubuntu VPS at

    Host Europe GmbH - Server & Virtual Server - Virtual Server Linux - Virtual Server Linux XXL 3.0

    Translatede editioNn:
    Oversat udgave af

    Do you thing it would be possible? I should only have 5-10 users.

    Best Regrads
    Jesper Vel

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    dont have experience with this particular host.
    but looking into the specs i dont see why it wont run.
    1 GB is not really less for zimbra but more the ram the better if you want to run under decent load.

    main thing is your need to have supported OS, full root and good ram and this hosting company giving all 3

    all the above assuming you will ONLY run zimbra on this nothing else. if you plan to run more stuff then there are posts in the fourm from people who have done that.

    i2k2 Networks
    Dedicated & Shared Zimbra Hosting Provider

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    Default Hosteurope = FRAUD

    I do NOT recommend Hosteurope.
    I tried to be a customer there for over 1 year ago.
    They sended me a contract, and i needed to sign to be customer.
    I did not agreed the terms in contract and therefor i did not sign the contract.

    After 3-4 or maybe 5-6 months they started charging me 12,6EUROs, sometimes 14 and 15 euros.
    And i did not get it stopped before they had charged me 180 EURO's.

    They have now stopped it, FINALLY. But they do not offer any refund/compansation.

    I do not recommend hosteurope do any of my customers.

    Dont risk being fraud'ed like i did!

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    Default Watch out for hosteurope!

    I wish I had read Corzani's comment before signing up for a vps plan at hosteurope.
    I experienced major problems with hosteurope. The vps was often unreachable, I experienced memory leakage (had to reboot every 6 hours) and running a Java applications is a no-go.

    They could not offer a solution nor a refund so I ended up not using the vps and loosing all my money.

    Be warned!

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