i had installed zimbra on a ubuntu 8.04 , without any errors, but i have a problem that is getting me annoyed.

the problem is , i can send mail to the exterior , but i cannot send back to zimbra , and the ping is the problem

its pinging to the private ip address of my zimbra box , and off course through the internet obviusly it couldnt find my server

i did the split-dns thing , im behing a firewall (iptables), and my mail server is apart from the dns one.

public ip

when i do a ping in my local net , it resolves good (and so www, and other services i got running)

but when i ping through the internet, all the other services get the public ip ok , but mail keeps pinging to and loses all the packets

any idea of what would i do?

and another question , how can i set a virtualhost in (the webserver) to get my zimbra administration page showed in the public ip?

i know first i need to get access with public ip from the internet to my mail first.

any hint would be very appreciated ))