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Thread: mirror & sync Zimbra Ldap and External Ldap

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    Default mirror & sync Zimbra Ldap and External Ldap

    I have LDAP setup and being used with Squid for internet sharing.

    Intially When I have setup Zimbra.I configured it for authentication from my LDAP. But I realised because of load of proxy server on LDAP degrading preformance of Zimbra.

    I wish to setup Zimbra LDAP and wish to know if it is possible to mirror External Ldap to zimbra ldap and also Can I keep them synchronised?.

    Let me know if insufficient details/ ambiguous.


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    so you are looking to replicate your existing ldap server on the zimbra server?

    you could probably due this by running a separate openldap instance on the server on a different port. i would not try to use the existing zimbra ldap as you are likely to break something and even if you don't upgrading will break it.

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