I'm trying to install a LDAP Replica according to this document.

I started by running the install and selected only LDAP server. I changed the necessary setting at the configuration menu, but I can't apply the settings. It seems to be waiting for something else, as it states that there are unconfigured items, but I can't find them.

Main menu

   1) Common Configuration:
        +Hostname:                             pilot-ldap.smu.ca
        +Ldap master host:                     pilot.smu.ca
        +Ldap port:                            389
        +Ldap Admin password:                  set
        +Require secure interprocess communications: yes
        +TimeZone:                             (GMT-04.00) Atlantic Time (Canada)

   2) zimbra-ldap:                             Enabled
        +Create Domain:                        yes
        +Domain to create:                     pilot.smu.ca
        +Ldap Root password:                   set
        +Ldap Replication password:            set
        +Ldap Postfix password:                set
        +Ldap Amavis password:                 set
        +Ldap Nginx password:                  set

   3) Enable default backup schedule:          yes
   c) Collapse menu
   r) Start servers after configuration        yes
   s) Save config to file
   q) Quit

Address unconfigured (**) items or correct ldap configuration  (? - help)
I've looked into all menus and I can't find anything marked with ** as usual.

Any suggestions?

It's a zcs-NETWORK-5.0.15_GA_2851.RHEL5.20090310165728 and the SO is CentOS 5.3