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Thread: transport table equivalent for SMTPS (SSL SMTP)

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    Default transport table equivalent for SMTPS (SSL SMTP)

    I was asked by another company to allow inbound SMTPS from them as well as send mails to them over SMTPS due to some private data being transferred.

    So I have my system setup to accept inbound connections on port 465 (SMTPS / SSL SMTP). I can hit the port and it appears fine. I'm having them attempt to send to me.

    But I don't really see anywhere to configure my Zimbra to send outbound SMTP traffic to MTAs that support SMTPS as well. Is there a setting that I can configure per domain? - something like the transport table in Postfix.

    In case it's somehow relevant, I'm on 5.0.11_GA on CentOS 5.x.

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    Perhaps you need to refer to something like this?

    Postfix TLS Support

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