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Thread: Zimbra secondary server installation failure

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    Exclamation Zimbra secondary server installation failure

    Hi all

    I'm trying to add another zimbra instance into our currently single ZCS server base network.
    The old server is current ZCS 5.0.9_GA and over the past few days I've been trying to add another ZCS 5.0.9_GA server .

    After ensuring the LDAP was responding to the correct IP address, the firewall on the existing server was open and that both machines could resolve and ping each other correctly I installed ZCS on the secondary server following the instructions at just to the point of setting up a secondary server.

    The install appears to go fine until I noticed a small error logged - several pages up in the terminal screen of "Adding [servername] to zimbraMailHostPool in default COS...ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_SERVER (no such server: [servername]".

    zmcontrol "Unable to determine enabled services from ldap." so nothing is really starting, and when i log into the web console on the first server I can see the new server listed, but cannot view any details about it.

    zmprov getAllServers lists the server so it is there, but something isn't right.

    looking through the install log i get a lot of errors like :
    Mon Apr 20 15:12:36 2009 Checking ldap on [server1]:389
    Mon Apr 20 15:12:36 2009 Unable to bind to ldap://[server1]:389 with user uid=zmpostfix,cn=appaccts,cn=zimbra and password 9h4w2BuR:
    Mon Apr 20 15:12:36 2009 Couldn't bind to [server1] as uid=zmpostfix,cn=appaccts,cn=zimbra

    noting the 9h4w2BuR is not the password for ldap and not the one I set in during installation, I can see the log file IS using the correct password when executing the zmprov commands , just not when connecting to the main ldap server.

    I've done this six times now checking very carfully each time to set the passwords.

    anyone with any ideas?

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    What exactly are you trying to achieve by installing another Zimbra server?

    Please update your forum profile with the output of the following command:

    zmcontrol -v


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    the installed version is debatable IE i suspect dpkg is reporting something different to what is installed so zmcontrol -v isn't reliable.

    What I've trying to do is anything possible to upgrade a server (see )

    At this point I was resorting to getting another server installed so I could copy the data from the server that cannot be updated into a fresh / clean install. it didn't work.

    Any advise on what I'm trying to do would be great - so long as it's not the blind comments of "reinstall / update your self signed SSL certs" as that not working .

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