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Thread: [SOLVED] ZCS Exchange Migration Error

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    Default [SOLVED] ZCS Exchange Migration Error

    I am in crunch time and need a pointer.
    I am attempting to use the Exchange migration tool on Exchange 2000 with Outlook 2003. I have setup the outlook profile to connect to the admin mailbox on exchange and verified that I setup permissions to access each user's calendar, mail, etc. via outlook.

    When I run the migration tool, I get "Could not retrieve base forder URL of Exchange Server. Appointments will not be imported. Either the permissions are not configured correctly or because of Microsoft KB article 899351."

    I followed the procedures in KB 899351 and reregistered Ole32.dll, but that has not helped. I would appreciate any help.

    This is with ZCS-NETWORK-5.0.15_GA and ZC***changeMigrationWizard-5.0.15_GA

    Thanks! -Cheers, Peter.

    BTW... I have seen this issue posted twice on this board with no one bothering to answer it. What is up with that?
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    Try running the tool on a machine where outlook is installed, but not exchange.
    Sam Khavari

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    Thanks for the reply... I think that was it. I moved my migration to a XP box using Outlook 2003. It was on the Exchange 2000 server previously. So it was either because it was on the Exchange box or because it was on Windows 2000.

    Thanks Sam.

    And I hope others find this helpful. :-)

    -Cheers, Peter.

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